simple_form "title" {<set commands>}

The simple_form command presents a simplified interface for the script it appears within. Once you have an established script just wrap your primary parameters in the simple_form command. The result, in appearance, is a specialized mesh generator allowing you to view and edit just your parameters. While the script lives on, it is hidden behind the simple_form panel. Closing the panel (using the "x" button) reveals the script that you can continue to edit. Each of the text entries in the panel allows expressions, as well as simple values. Just remember, expressions must still be enclosed in square brackets and parameters are referenced using a dollar sign ($). Above left is the portion of the script that generated the screen shot.


° The title for the simple_form is optional, but, if included, must be set in double quotes as in this example.

° Only one simple_form declaration may appear in a script. The use of additional declarations, whether intentional or accidental (e.g., from an include or repeat command), will interrupt the execution of the script.

° The simple_form interface maintains a signature of its defining block. If you edit that block in the script then the next time you press run all of the parameters in the interface will be resynchronized with the scripts contents. Editing other sections of the script does not effect the values entered in the simple_form panel.

° Only set commands and comments may appear in the simple_form declaration. Comments within the simple_form declaration are not presented in the panel. You should pick meaningful names for the parameters in the interface.


simple_form "Braided Shield" {
set R 0.1 ! radius of coax shield
set Z 1.0 ! length of coax shield
set dp 20 ! angular wrap rate
set np 1 # elements across ribbons
set nz [60*$Z] # elements along ribbons

simple_form interface