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A script based mesh generator enriched by the use of variables,
expressions, user defined commands, and libraries of
parameterized parts.
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The meshants grid generator is designed to be a simple tool for creating surface and wire grids from canonical shapes, parameterized equations, and external CAD sources using a script. Writing scripts is much faster than using standard graphical user interfaces, yet it can be hidden behind a simple parameter input panel giving the appearance of a specialized mesh generator. The simple expression evaluation and local variables encourages parameterized models. Moreover, the ability to write and use library functions allows for versatile reuse of grid parts. High quality grids can be generated through the use of two tolerance values to merge grid points and eliminate small elements. The scripts run very fast, so go ahead and use the run button often while writing the script to verify your progress.

2011 Research Dr.
Livermore, CA 94550

For interested users, the interface utilizes the cross-platform fltk library.