ANT-S makes a few of its software tools available to others. These versions come with no formal support, but we'll do our best to answer your questions and fix bugs. Contact us if you are interested in one of these tools. For FLTK related widgets click here.
MESHANTS is a mesh generator for building geometries quickly from canonical shapes. The capabilities are far more extensive than the sphere it created at left. An advanced version is available that allows general parametric shapes. The mini Users' Guide is online as a preview. Download Linux version and example FSS scripts.

INFANTS is a software development tool for FORTRAN programmers. It converts your source files into a set of hyperlinked definitions and function calls -- input your FORTRAN and it will all seem simple again. Large software teams, or new members, can easily navigate complex projects and rapidly gain a deeper understanding of the software's structure and philosophy than otherwise possible, even when formal documentation exists. It works with F77, F90, and F95 source code. The mini Users' Guide is online to spark interest. Download Linux version

If you're wondering about the suffix -ants (besides being the company name) the following is from Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary...

Main Entry [1]: -ant
Function: noun suffix
Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, from -ant, prp. suffix, from Latin -ant-, -ans, prp. suffix of first conjunction, from -a- (stem vowel of first conjunction) + -nt-, -ns, prp. suffix; akin to Old English -nde, present participle suffix, Greek -nt-, -n, particle suffix

  1. a: one that performs (a specified action): personal or impersonal agent
    b: thing that promotes (a specified action or process)
  2. one connected with
  3. thing acted upon (in a specified manner)

Main Entry [2]: -ant
Function: adjective suffix

  1. performing (a specified action) or being (in a specified condition)
  2. promoting (a specified action or process)

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